Executive Diploma — IPD (Open University Malaysia)

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Executive Education is an opportunity for student and working adults to pursue tertiary and professional quality education. Executive Education programmes are designed to meet industry needs and provide the pathway for career improvement. Student can choose from 5 different types of diploma according to their needs and industry specific.

Program Code: EDM




Program Summary

Executive Diploma in Management with 5 specializations to choose from:

A. Pure Management (EDM)

B. Human Resources (EDMHR)

C. Customer Service (EDMCS)

D. Office Administration (EDMOA)

E. Manufacturing (EDMM)

Admission Requirements

  • Working Adults above 21 years of age with minimum 1 year of working experience.
  • Minimum Level 3 MLVK / JPK certificate holders
  • Suitable for working adults and business people
  • Access to OUM digital library
  • Specially prepared notes and handouts
  • Flexible monthly payment scheme
  • Weekend classes with free tutorial sessions

Examination : 60 %
Assignment : 40%


Registration : RM200
Course Fees : RM8500