About Open University Malaysia

The Awarding Body

Open University Malaysia


OUM is owned by the first 11 Public Universities in Malaysia. This has enabled the University to tap on not only the finest and best academic experts in Malaysia but the varied facilities such as laboratories and classrooms throughout the country.

Academic programmes are designed to facilitate students acquire the extra skills in the market place, to give them the added value in a growing competitive world and to meet challenges both domestically and in the international arena. Its strengths span a wide range of disciplines, from IT and Engineering to the Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Science. Quality and flexibility are the key words for all our programmes and we focus on the application of knowledge and skills.


The Faculty - Institute of Professional Development


Recognizing the need to stay competitive in today’s knowledge-based global economy the Institute of Professional Development (IPD) was officially founded in November , 2000 as one of the centers of excellence within the Open University Malaysia. The Institute of Professional Development (IPD) has begun to establish itself as a leading school for adult learning programmes within and outside OUM.

IPD sees itself to be the leading life – long learning programmes provider for working adults in the region. Presently IPD have been working with a diverse network of leading local and international experts to provide the cutting edge and innovative professional and management development programmes for individuals and organizations that require solutions in people and organizational behavior.